Queensland Commodity Exports – Power Factor Correction Case Study

Energy Efficiency through Engagement

Queensland Commodity Exports

Queensland Commodity Exports (QCE) is responsible for the material handling and export of large quantities of wood chip through the Port of Brisbane. The 24×7 operation has large inductive loads including electric motors and facility lighting.

QCE was experiencing poor energy efficiency and this was reflected through billing data and notifications from Energex that highlighted a low Power Factor (<0.88).

Energex requested QCE to take steps to improve site Power Factor, which involved looking into the installation of a Power Factor Correction (PFC) system to improve future power utilisation and reduce energy costs. Timing was an issue as Energex’s new energy billing procedures where being implemented from the 1 July 2015, where larger customers like QCE would be future charged based on monthly demand based network tariffs in KVA, and not the traditional KW’s.

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