Powering Industry

Brimar has a proven track record in delivering complete electrical systems and automation solutions across the oil and gas industry sectors, port infrastructure, mineral processing, quarrying and building material plants, with high reliability and continued service and maintenance operations.

Materials Handling Solutions

Our technical, electrical and mechanical services are designed to support your business by enabling rapid and reliable handling solutions that drive greater efficiency. Experienced and knowledgeable in material handling, Brimar understands the ever increasing volumes and high demands placed on automated systems.

Cranes Systems

Electrical solutions for crane systems enable increased equipment availability by reducing loading and unloading times. Brimar has facilitated a number of projects to ensure optimised energy consumption with minimal operational interference. We are experts in High-voltage ring segregation {link}, working in hazardous areas and our technical team holds valid (MSIC) Maritime security Identification Cards and have a solid understanding of port and marine operations.

Mining Sector

With the increasing number of projects in remote locations and demand for more efficient electrical solutions across the entire mining process, Brimar offers effective power generation, distribution, automation control and energy management systems including visualization and remote monitoring. Our electrical and mechanical services are integrated throughout the mining process from installation, commissioning and maintenance of mineral processing and material handling solutions to improve reliability, energy management and efficiency.

Oil and Gas Sector

Brimar provides a complete electrification offering for the oil and gas sector supporting the demand for continuous supply of electrical energy while keeping operating costs stable. We have strong capability in high-power systems to meet the requirements of oil and gas operations including reticulation services, switchgear, transformers, skid manufacture, lease-pad connections, camp installation and periodic maintenance.

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