Meet Our Team

The strength of Brimar lies in our experienced technical team and qualified support staff.

All our staff are equipped with the latest specialist apparatus, tools and testing equipment.  Combined with our technical experience we are able to deliver quality outcomes across all types of electrical technologies.

Our team maximises your time and financial investment to improve your productivity, reduce overheads and drive efficiency whilst ensuring a safe working environment.

Danial Smith – Divisional Manager

Danial has been working in the industrial and commercial electrical industry for 20 years with experience in project delivery, automation, design, engineering, electrical civil work and service delivery. His strong work ethic and attention to detail which delivers high quality outcomes for clients, make him a vast resource of knowledge. Danial also brings to the table a large wealth of knowledge with running the team by having run small project teams, service delivery and the business as a whole.

Danial heads up our team with his experience not only on the trade level from having worked in a vast array of the electrical industry, being hands on, but from having delivered projects for a number of high profile customers. This is coupled with his knowledge and experience in business management, bringing to the team an all-round, diverse manager, who has the drive to keep Brimar moving ahead to provide the professional and reliable services, Brimar has always been known for.