Water and Waste Water

Brimar has been supplying all-inclusive electrical, instrumentation and automation solutions to the Water & Waste Water sector for a number years.

Brimar is an approved Panel provider to many of Queensland’s Water Authorities for the supply of electrical maintenance and project delivery services.

Asset types covered under structured Preventative Planned Maintenance (PPM) programs typically includes:

  • Remote pump stations
  • Treatment facilities
  • Pipelines assets

Brimar’s team is inducted, trained and responsive to the varying needs of each operational customer.

This includes a fleet of fully maintained repair vehicles stocked with specialised tools, test equipment and site safety equipment to provide quality field service anywhere, anytime.

Brimar has a high regard for personal safety and their technicians are highly experienced in customer documentation and permitting requirements to meet with electrical operational procedures for responsive, planned corrective and reactive maintenance.

As a principle contractor Brimar takes full responsibility for project deliverables which involves framing customer expectations at the time of initial estimate to ensure that the goals and objectives of each project is well understood and can be accomplished in the desired timeframe.

Once engaged Safety, Quality, Cost and Schedule performance are the measured to ensure project success. Brimar’s project processes have been used successfully in the past and are externally accredited for safety, environment and quality.

Brimar’s range of electrical and automation services cover the following areas of specialty:

  • Electrical Power: Transformers, HV Testing, Cabling & Reticulation, Pumping, Power Analysis, Energy Management, Street Lighting, Temporary Generators and Renewable Energy Systems
  • Instrumentation Setup & Calibration: Flow Meters, Pressure Gauges, Water Boosters, PRV’s, Reservoir and Level Sensors
  • Automation Systems: Control & Metering Panel Manufacture, VVVF Drives, RTU’s, PLC’s, HMI & SCADA Systems
  • Communications: Fiber & Wireless, including the installation, configuration and calibration of instrumentation networks
  • Cathodic Protection Systems: Impressed & Sacrificial Anode systems. Involving inspection, testing and monitoring plans to meet with regulatory approval processes

Brimar is also highly proficient in partnering with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) in the design, installation and fit out of their electrical, instrumentation and automation systems to meet with project criteria. These installations incorporate a strong adherence to design and performance integrity, including full compliance with Australian AS300 electrical and safety standards.

Brimar has a prior track record with a variety of water skid and container configurations including solar pumping, chemical dosing, clarifiers, membrane filters and desalination packages to mentioned but a few. This has allowed Brimar to build long standing and successful relationships with global OEM’s requiring an experienced industrial electrical contractor who can meet their installation needs for the establishment of equipment in remote, challenging and harsh localities.

“Brimar is your one-stop shop for electrical and automation Water and Waste Water solutions and is able to assist with identifying innovative ways to implement safety, process and productivity improvements across a diverse range of operational assets and equipment types.”